This page was exported from Braindump2go Free Latest MCITP Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Thu Nov 14 2:07:34 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-Aug.-Updated]300-115 Dumps PDF(Full Version)418Q Download in Braindump2go[399-409] --------------------------------------------------- 2017/Aug/14 New Updated 300-115 Exam Questions Free Updated Today! 1.|2017 New 300-115 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 418Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 300-115 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 399Which two commands sequences must you enter on a pair switches so that they negotiate? (Choose 2) A.    channel-protocol lacpchannel-group 1 mode autoB.    channel-protocol lacpchannel-group 1 mode passiveC.    channel-protocol pagpchannel-group 1 mode onD.    channel-protocol pagpchannel-group 1 mode autoE.    channel-protocol lacpchannel-group 1 mode active Answer: BE QUESTION 400Which two prerequisites for HSRP to become active on an interface are true? (Choose 2) A.    Cisco Express Forwarding must be disabled globally.B.    The VIP must be in the same subnet as the primary IP address.C.    A Virtual-MAC address must be configured on the interface.D.    An IP address must be configured on the interface.E.    PIM routing must be disabled on the interface. Answer: BD QUESTION 401Which two authentication types does VRRP support? (Choose Two) A.    Plain-textB.    CHAPC.    PAPD.    802.1XE.    MD5 Answer: AEExplanation: QUESTION 402Which two limitations of LOCAL SPAN are true? (Choose Two) A.    The source and destination ports must reside in the same switch or switch stackB.    It can monitor only traffic that ingresses or egresses on the source interface or VLAN.C.    A SPAN session can support multiple destination ports only if they are on the same VLAN.D.    EACH SPAN session supports only one source VLAN or interface.E.    A switch can support only one local SPAN session at a time. Answer: AE QUESTION 403Which Statement about the default SWITCH Database Management Template is true? A.    Template disables routing and supports the maximum number of unicast MAC addressesB.    Template maximizes system resources for access control lists.C.    Template maximizes system resources for unicast routing.D.    Template gives balance to all functions Answer: DExplanation: - The default template gives balance to all functions. QUESTION 404Which results happens when a non-trunking port that is configured with BPDU guard is connected to a device that is transmitting? A.    The port is moved into the spanning-tree blocking state.B.    There port is error-disabled.C.    A routing loop can occur on the network.D.    The port transitions to the connected state. Answer: B QUESTION 405Which two settings are the parts of a Default LLDP configuration? (Choose Two) A.    The LLDP hold time is 60 seconds.B.    The LLDP global state is Disabled.C.    The LLDP reinitialisation delay is 5 seconds.D.    The LLDP interface state is Enabled.E.    The LLDP timer is 60 seconds. Answer: BDExplanation: 52x_chapter_011.html#con_1061862Table 4 LLDP Default ConfigurationLLDP global state = DisabledLLDP interface state = Enabled for both transmit and receive operations when LLDP is globally enabled. QUESTION 407Which two statements about GLBP are true? (Choose Two) A.    The AVF responds to ARP request for the virtual IP address.B.    LAN client traffic is handled by the active AVF only.C.    The AVG assigns virtual MAC addresses to GLBP group members.D.    The AVF assigns virtual MAC addresses to GLBP group members.E.    The AVG responds to ARP requests for the Virtual IP address. Answer: CEExplanation: AVG assigns a virtual MAC address to each member of the GLBP group.The AVG is responsible for answering Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests for the virtual IP address. QUESTION 408Which option is a CISCO recommended RSPAN configuration practice? A.    Define RSPAN VLAN before configuring an RSPAN source and destination session.B.    Assign access ports to an RSPAN VLAN like any other campus VLAN.C.    Use a different RSPAN VLAN for each session if configuring RSPAN on multiple switches.D.    Use only one destination port for EACH RSPAN Session. Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 409A network engineer wants to ensure Layer 2 isolation of customer traffic using a private VLAN. Which configuration must be configured before the VLAN is configured? A.    Ensure all switches are configured as VTP server mode.B.    Configure VTP Transparent mode.C.    Enable VTP version 3.D.    Disable VTP and manually assign VLANS. 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