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An administrator should configure Link Aggregation on a 7000 NetScaler system when __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    redundancy on a half duplex operation is required
B.    redundancy on an operation across multiple data rates is required
C.    the bandwidth requirements inbound to or outbound from the Netscaler are greater than 1 Gb/sec
D.    the bandwidth requirements inbound to or outbound from the Netscaler are greater than 8 Gb/sec

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is planning the deployment of a NetScaler system for a large environment that includes sites in multiple countries. The administrator has determined that GSLB must be enabled for this environment.
What is a DNS requirement for this environment?

A.    The NetScaler must act as an ADNS server
B.    The NetScaler system must contain a local DNS server
C.    The NetScaler must be configured for iterative DNS lookups
D.    The NetScaler system must have 15 root hint servers added as name servers

Answer: A

Which feature must an administrator configure so that all transactions on a NetScaler which can be logged are logged by a syslog server?

A.    Device counters
B.    System counters
C.    HTTP transactions
D.    Audited commands

Answer: D

Which type of VLAN is used when an administrator leaves the NetScaler system interfaces on the default VLAN?

A.    Tagged
B.    Port-based
C.    MAC-based
D.    Protocol-based

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator must plan the deployment of a NetScaler system for an environment that requires:
– all traffic to pass through the NetScaler appliance(s)
– outbound connections from a non-routable subnet
– two web server farms to be load balanced by least connections
– all consumer web site traffic to be secured with SSL
– all traffic to pass through a network firewall prior to passing through the NetScaler appliance(s)
– fault tolerence
Which two steps must the administrator take to deploy the NetScaler system correctly for this environment according to best practices? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure USNIP mode
B.    Configure Layer 2 mode
C.    Deploy the NetScaler system in inline mode
D.    Deploy the NetScaler system with high availability
E.    Deploy the NetScaler system in a logical one-arm mode
F.    Configure a router address as a default gateway for each web server farm

Answer: CD

An administrator needs to set up a NetScaler system so that an alert is sent to an SNMP manager when a specific interface changes state.
Which two SNMP traps must the administrator ensure are enabled to receive the appropriate alerts? (Choose two.)

A.    entityup
B.    entitydown
C.    InterfaceThroughputlow
D.    InterfaceThroughputNormal

Answer: AB

Scenario: A company is deploying a NetScaler system in a network environment in which there is one non-routable subnet and some subnets are open to the public Internet. The administrator plans to enable Use-Subnet-IP mode and disable Use-Source-IP mode. Which two IP addresses could be set as source IP addresses for connections to back-end servers? (Choose two.)

A.    VIP
B.    MIP
C.    SNIP
D.    NSIP

Answer: BC

Scenario: An administrator must set up a NetScaler system network with USIP mode enabled. The NetScaler must be able to preserve client IP addresses in TCP/IP packets reaching the back-end servers except for connections coming from particular IP addresses that are defined in an ACL. In the case of connections coming from the IP addresses defined in the ACL, the packets reaching the back-end servers should receive the NetScaler IP address instead of the client IP address.
On which entity should RNAT be configured to meet the requirements in this scenario according to best practices?

A.    ACL
B.    Client
C.    Virtual server
D.    Back-end server

Answer: A
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