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What is a valid CLARiiON World Wide Node Name?

A.    50:06:01:63:39:a0:0d:84
B.    50:06:01:60:b9:a0:0d:84
C.    50:06:01:6b:39:a0:0d:84
D.    21:00:00:e0:8b:86:88:db

Answer: B

In CLARiiON environments, to perform management from a host that has an agent installed, the storage must be added as a Privileged User in a specific file. Which file is this?

A.    agent.cfg
B.    agent.config
C.    naviagent.cfg
D.    naviagent.config

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button.
What is the name of the pictured connector used for Ethernet connections?

A.    RJ-8
B.    RJ-11
C.    RJ-45
D.    RJ-48

Answer: B

Which architecture allows for initiators to exist in an Ethernet environment while the target storage exists in a Fibre Channel environment?

A.    Bridging
B.    Routing
C.    Switching
D.    Tunneling

Answer: A

A company has decided to use all of SAN Advisors features. What will this company also need?

A.    An Internet connection, Oracle 8, and Excel 2002
B.    An Internet connection, Visio 2002, and Excel 2002.
C.    Microsoft SQL 2000 and Excel 2002
D.    Oracle 8 and Excel 2002

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button.
Which type of connector is the pictured component known as?

A.    FC connector
B.    LC connector
C.    RJFC connector
D.    SC connector

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.
What is indicated by this icon displayed in the PowerPath Monitor Taskbar Icons?

A.    Degraded
B.    Failed
C.    Server Not Responding
D.    Standard

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.
In the diagram, what does the highlighted command do?

A.    Creates a metaLUN
B.    Creates a storage group
C.    Expands a RAID group
D.    Expands a storage group

Answer: A

Which SAN-based device provides critical server CPU offload and frees servers to perform application processing?

A.    FC-SW
B.    Host bus adapter
C.    Multimode fibre cable
D.    SFP

Answer: B

What is the maximum bandwidth that a switched fabric can reach?

A.    Link rate times 128
B.    Link rate times 2
C.    Link rate times 256
D.    Link rate times number of ports

Answer: D
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