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[2017-2-NEW]Instant Download Braindump2go SK0-004 PDF and VCE Dumps 389q[Q1-Q10]

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2017 Feb. New CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam: SK0-004 Exam Dumps and SK0-004 Exam Questions Updated Today!

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As a best practice, which of the following should be determined prior to provisioning a server? (Select TWO).

A.    User accounts
B.    Group accounts
C.    Hostname
D.    MAC address
E.    Domain name
F.    IP address

Answer: CF

A system administrator needs to install an operating system onto a new server in a remote location using PXE. Which of the following methods will BEST accomplish this?

A.    SSH
B.    RDP
C.    TFTP
D.    HTTP

Answer: C

When attempting to diagnose service access issues between multiple hosts that coordinate information, which of the following can be used to track dependencies?

A.    Dataflow diagrams
B.    Architecture diagrams
C.    Baseline documentation
D.    Service manuals

Answer: A

An organization has agreed on the software that will be used to virtualize the company’s web servers. Which of the following should the administrator reference prior to purchasing physical servers to be deployed as hosts in the new virtual architecture?

A.    The vendor’s software compatibility list
B.    The vendor’s service level agreement
C.    The vendor’s hardware compatibility list
D.    The vendor’s end user licensing agreement

Answer: C

Which of the following is a benefit of utilizing a type 2 hypervisor to manage guests?

A.    The administration of the guest OS is significantly less complex.
B.    There is reduced resource overhead since there is no OS layer.
C.    A type 2 hypervisor offers increased performance over a type 1 hypervisor.
D.    There is increased hardware support since there is an OS layer.

Answer: D

A system administrator has decided to create several VMs for a company. In which of the following locations would each of the VMs reside?

A.    Host
B.    VNC
C.    Guest
D.    VPN

Answer: A

An ISP is currently drafting and compiling a Service Level Agreement that states there should only be 5.26 minutes of downtime per year, 25.9 seconds per month, and 6.05 seconds per week. Which of the following percentages should be used to meet these metrics?

A.    99.9%
B.    99.99%
C.    99.999%
D.    99.9999%

Answer: C

A technician is tasked with building a test server. Which of the following hard drive types will provide the highest performance?

A.    SCSI
B.    SAS
C.    SATA
D.    iSCSI

Answer: B

A technician is tasked to build a server requiring the fastest possible performance. Which of the following would achieve this requirement?

A.    10,000 RPM SATA
B.    15,000 RPM SAS
C.    SSD
D.    USB

Answer: C

A technician is called upon to add storage to a database server. The database administrator needs the maximum performance for accessing many small files. Which of the following specifications should the technician focus on when selecting the drive to add to the server?

A.    Form factor
B.    Capacity
C.    Bus bandwidth
D.    Seek time

Answer: D


1.|2017 NEW SK0-004 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 389Q&As  Download:

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