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2017 New LPI 201-400: LPIC-2 Exam 201, Part 1 of 2, version 4.0 Exam Questions Released by Braindump2go.com Today!


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Which command is used to install a new LILO boot loader?

A.    lilo
B.    lilo-config
C.    lilo-install
D.    install-lilo

Answer: A

What are the main network services used by the PXE protocol? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    DNS
B.    DHCP
C.    HTTP
D.    TFTP
E.    NFS

Answer: BD

What is the functionality that PXE provides?

A.    The ability to boot a computer using its network interface.
B.    The ability to launch an remote X11 desktop on a computer.
C.    The ability to verify a system’s configuration after completing the boot process.
D.    The ability to verify a system’s configuration before completing the boot process.

Answer: A

In case the file containing the Linux kernel is lost, what happens when the system is booting?

A.    The system starts normally since the bootloader copies the kernel to the master boot record of the hard disk.
B.    Instead of the kernel, the initramfs is loaded and instructed to mount the root filesystem and reinstall the kernel from the original package or from source.
C.    The bootloader mounts the root filesystem read-only and launches /bin/sh directly in order to allow the administrator to reinstall the kernel.
D.    Without a kernel a system cannot boot and, depending on the bootloader, an error is displayed.

Answer: D

A system with SysV-init has a service installed called apache2. Which file controls the start and stop of this service and is referenced by the various runlevel directories?

A.    /etc/init.d/apache2
B.    /etc/rc2.d/70apache2
C.    /etc/rc2.d/apache2
D.    /etc/rc2.d/apache2.start

Answer: A

Which option to the update-rc.d command will cause the removal of all symlinks to /etc/rcX.d/*test2 even when the script /etc/init.d/test2 still exists?

A.    -d
B.    -f
C.    -n
D.    -r

Answer: B

After changing the default runlevel in the SysV-init configuration file, the system boots in a different than intended runlevel. Where else could this different runlevel be defined?

A.    In the /etc/sysctl.conf
B.    In the boot loader configuration file
C.    In the /etc/runlevel file
D.    In the /boot/initramfs file
E.    In the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file

Answer: B

Where is the LILO boot loader code typically installed on a system with only a single Linux installation and no other operating systems?

A.    In the master boot record.
B.    In the boot sector.
C.    In the /boot directory.
D.    At the start of the kernel.

Answer: A

Which of the following is a CD-ROM filesystem standard?

A.    OSI9660
B.    ISO9660
C.    SR0FS
D.    ISO8859
E.    ROM-EO

Answer: B

How can the label root be added to the ext2 filesystem on /dev/sda1?

A.    relabel /dev/sda1 root
B.    tune2fs -L root /dev/sda1
C.    echo ‘root’ > /proc/fs/sda1/label
D.    labelfs –device /dev/sda1 root

Answer: B

What component of a system does smartd monitor?

A.    CPU
B.    RAM
C.    Hard drives
D.    Ethernet traffic

Answer: C

Which files are updated as devices are mounted and unmounted to provide information on the currently mounted devices and the options used? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A.    /proc/dtab
B.    /etc/mtab
C.    /etc/fstab
D.    /proc/mounts
E.    /proc/devices

Answer: BD

What is the main template file used by autofs?

A.    default.maps
B.    auto.conf
C.    auto.master
D.    autofs.master

Answer: C


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