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2017 March New Oracle 1Z0-479 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Released by www.Braindump2go.com  for Free Download Today!

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Identify the preconfigured authentication scheme that is used in the Oracle Access Management 11gR2 federation service.

A.    OIFScheme
B.    OIFLDAPPlugin
D.    FederationScheme

Answer: D

Identify two ways in which you can specify trusted Identity Provider (Idp) partners while configuring Service Provides (SP) in Oracle Access Management Identity Federation.

A.    Manually create a new Idp configuration and fill the form with all attributes.
B.    Import the metadata file generated from an Idp deployment to create a new Identity Provider configuration.
C.    Automatic discovery of an Idp populates the configuration data.
D.    A request can be broadcast to all IdPs and the one that matches returns its configuration data is populated.
E.    A sample XML configuration file is provided, which needs to be modified, and the Server needs to be restarted.

Answer: AB

When defining an attribute on the Relying Party Partner Profile in Security Token Service, which three types of attribute sources are supported?

A.    User Store (LDAP)
B.    CSV File
C.    Incoming Token Data
D.    XML File
E.    Static Value
F.    User Store (Oracle Identity Analytics ?Identity Warehouse)

Answer: ACE

Which statement is true about the interaction between a UMS component in the SOA Suite and OAAM?

A.    OAAM generates and sends the One Time Pin (OTP) directly to a user.
B.    OAAM generates and sends the OTP to UMS, which submits it to a customer.
C.    OAAM communicates with the UMS, which generates and submits the OTP to a customer.
D.    OAAM sends the OTP to a customer directly and UMS validates the PIN.
E.    UMS generates and sends the OTP direcly to a user.

Answer: A

Identify the mandatory attribute that is used when creating an application profile for a mobile application in Single Sign-On with Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social services.

A.    userIdBasicAuth
B.    Mobile.clientRegHandle.baseSecret
C.    sharedSecret4BasicAuth
D.    baseSecret4BasicAuth

Answer: B

Identify two protocols that the Oracle Access Management Social module supports for Authentication and Authorization using Internet Identity services. (Choose two.)

A.    OpenID
B.    WebID
C.    BrowserID
D.    Windows Live ID
E.    OAuth

Answer: AE

Which are the four valid token types that Oracle Mobile and Social can return to a mobile client on authentication?

A.    SAML Token
B.    User Token
C.    SecurID Token
D.    Access Token
E.    Client Registration Handle
F.    Client Token
G.    LTPA Token

Answer: BCEF


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