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Braindump2go Cisco 700-601 Practice Tests Latest Questions Free Share(1-7)

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What is important to note about the Cisco UCS Invicta method of handling data reduction?

A.    De-dup is not enabled with Invicta as a benefit.
B.    It is enabled only for the first 4K blocks.
C.    It can be enabled on a PER NODE basis.
D.    It is enabled for the entire system or frame.

Answer: C

Which three workload types are recommended for the Cisco UCS Invicta solution? (Choose three.)

A.    High transaction rate apps
B.    Big data
C.    Archival
D.    Disk backup
E.    Infrequently used data
F.    Batch processing

Answer: ABF

Which four actions allow your applications to run faster? (Choose four.)

A.    Combine high-performance applications.
B.    Optimize VDI deployments.
C.    Reduce the number of desktops on the platform.
D.    Increase needed floor space.
E.    Combine high-performance applications.
F.    Consolidate servers and databases.
G.    Remove storage.
H.    Separate high-performance applications.

Answer: ABEF

How fast can a Cisco UCS Invicta system recover a RAID disk?

A.    1 week
B.    1-2 days
C.    15-20 hours
D.    2-5 hours
E.    5-10 minutes
F.    20-40 minutes

Answer: E

Which three options are reduced with flash use in the data center? (Choose three.)

A.    Management overhead
B.    Networking fabric
C.    Cost of each HDD
D.    Energy consumption
E.    Floor space
F.    Bandwidth

Answer: BDE

Which option has lower performance needs than those found with solutions like Cisco UCS Invicta?

A.    Analytics and intelligence
B.    Batch processing
C.    Email
D.    Web development

Answer: D

Which statement about the administration costs, based on the Parity Research of TCO, is true?

A.    HDD admin costs were 100% higher.
B.    HDD admin costs were 500% higher.
C.    HDD admin costs were 1000% higher.
D.    HDD admin costs were 5000% higher

Answer: B
http://wikibon.org/wiki/v/Performance_Centric_Data_Storage_TCO_Study_Demonstrates_Cost_A dvantages_of_Flash_Arrays

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