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You would like to authorize a user to select and delete data from a specific column table.
The user should also be able to grant this authorization to other users.
Which privilege do you need to implement?

A.    Analytic privilege
B.    System privilege
C.    Package privilege
D.    Object privilege

Answer: D

Which information model can you use with measures from multiple fact tables?

A.    Analytic privilege
B.    Attribute view
C.    Analytic view
D.    Calculation view

Answer: D

Which of the following can you use to implement currency conversion in an information model? (Choose two)

A.    A calculated column in a calculation view
B.    A restricted column in an analytic view
C.    A calculated column in an analytic view
D.    A calculated column in an attribute view

Answer: AC

Which view do you use to combine two analytic views?

A.    Attribute view
B.    Analytic view
C.    Database view
D.    Calculation view

Answer: D

You have created an input parameter in an information model. In which of the following can you use the input parameter?

A.    The definition of an information space that reads from the information model
B.    The creation of a BEx query reading from the information model
C.    The creation of an SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report directly on the information model
D.    The definition of objects in an SAP BusinessObjects universe

Answer: D

A new user has implemented an SAP HANA data model.
Which technical user requires select rights on the new user’s schema?

B.    _SYS_BIC
C.    _SYS_BI

Answer: A

What do you have to define in an attribute view to reduce the initial amount of data selected from the data foundation tables?

A.    A static filter value on any column in the data foundation tables
B.    A column marked as "Hidden" in the output structure
C.    A restricted column in the output structure
D.    A dynamic filter value on a measure in the attribute view

Answer: A

In a left outer join, the left table has one record and the right table has three records. What is the maximum number of records that you expect in the join result?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: C

What are the consequences of executing the stop activity on the Data Provisioning view in the SAP HANA studio for a table that is currently replicated?

A.    Triggers and logging tables are deleted.
B.    The table is dropped from the SAP HANA database.
C.    Triggers and logging tables are kept.
D.    The replication of the table is temporarily stopped.

Answer: A

You modified an active analytic view in the SAP HANA studio and saved it without activating it.
What is the consequence?

A.    The inactive view is not available.
B.    The inactive view is in "Read Only" mode.
C.    The active view is not available.
D.    The active view is in "Read Only" mode.

Answer: D

Table SALES_TABLE contains the columns COUNTRY and SALES. unction calc_tax calculates sales tax based on input parameter SALES.
Using a scripted calculation view, how can you call the calc_tax function?

C.    :v_tax = CE_PROJECTION(SALES_TABLE, ["COUNTRY","CALL :calc_tax(SALES)"]);
D.    v_tax = CE_PROJECTION(SALES_TABLE, ["COUNTRY","calc_tax(SALES)"]);

Answer: B

In a graphical calculation view you specify the default client to be dynamic.
How is the client value determined when the view is used?

A.    By checking the session client of the user accessing the view
B.    By reading the client of the tables in the view
C.    By applying the filtering conditions on the client field
D.    By executing a procedure in the user’s own schema

Answer: A

Which of the following are characteristics of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW) when migrating it to run on SAP HANA? (Choose three.)

A.    The sizing of your current SAP BW application servers remains valid.
B.    It allows co-deployment of the SAP BW application server on the SAP HANA database hardware.
C.    It allows re-use of your available SAP BW application servers.
D.    It eliminates the need to upgrade to the latest SAP BW application version.
E.    The system usage is the same as an equivalent SAP BW on non-SAP databases.

Answer: ACE

You have two analytic views. One contains actual data and the other one contains plan data. You want to combine the two result sets and keep actual and plan data on separate records.
In the SAP HANA studio, which of the following can you use to achieve this?

A.    JOIN in a calculation view
B.    JOIN in an analytic view
C.    UNION in a calculation view
D.    PROJECTION in a calculation view

Answer: C

In a calculation view you define a calculated column and set the Calculate Before Aggregation flag.
Which of the following activities is mandatory to activate the view?

A.    Set the column type to Attribute
B.    Add a new aggregation node
C.    Mark the column as hidden
D.    Select the aggregation type

Answer: D

Which of the following tools can you use to load data into SAP HANA from SAP DataSource extractors? (Choose two)

A.    SAP Data Services
B.    SAP Sybase Replication Server
C.    SAP Landscape Transformation Server
D.    SAP Direct Extractor Connection

Answer: AD

Two attribute views in the same analytic view contain the same column name (ID from attribute view Customer and ID from attribute view Product). In the output, the system automatically renamed one column to ID_1.
Which of the following can you do to indicate that ID_1 originated from attribute view Product?

A.    Update the alias in the properties of ID_1.
B.    Change the label of ID_1.
C.    Create a restricted column with a different name based on ID_1.
D.    Create a derived attribute view with an alias for ID_1.

Answer: A

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