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2017 Feb. NEW 644-906: Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR – (IMTXR) Exam Questions Updated Today!
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Which two commands will allow you to check if interface Bundle-Ether1 has ACL Ethernet_In applied to its ingress? (Choose two.)

A.    show access-list ipv4 Ethernet_In
B.    show interface Bundle-Ether1 access-list
C.    show running-config interface Bundle-Ether 1
D.    show running-config ipv4 access-list Ethernet_In
E.    show ipv4 interface Bundle-Ether 1

Answer: CE

Which Cisco IOS XR command would you use to view the actual traffic statistics of packets that are exiting the router in the different configured QoS queues on TenGigE 0/0/0/0 in Cisco IOS XR Software?

A.    show policy-map interface TenGigE 0/0/0/0
B.    show qos interface TenGigE 0/0/0/0 output
C.    show interface TenGigE 0/0/0/0 qos
D.    show interface TenGigE 0/0/0/0 policy-map output
E.    monitor interface TenGigE 0/0/0/0

Answer: A

What are the three potential use cases of NetFlow in an actual network deployment? (Choose three.)

A.    identifying the traffic source and destination for optimizing peering and transit links
B.    providing the network telemetry for identifying and mitigating DDoS attacks
C.    providing traffic traces that are comparable to what is provided by a packet sniffer and RMON
D.    providing a means for traffic accounting and billing for customers
E.    providing deep application inspections and controls

Answer: ABD

Which three configuration steps are mandatory in order to enable NetFlow sampling on Cisco IOS XR Software? (Choose three.)

A.    flow monitor-map
B.    sampler-map
C.    flow exporter-map
D.    interface netflow configuration
E.    importer-map

Answer: ABD

Which address is always available on an IPv6-enabled interface?

A.    global
B.    EUI-64 autoconfigured
C.    link-local
D.    static

Answer: C

Which command in Cisco IOS XR Software is the recommended way to configure an IPv4 address on an interface?

A.    ip address
B.    ip address
C.    ipv4 address
D.    ip addr add dev Gig 0/0/0/0

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What is the expected behavior for the following Cisco IOS XR config?

A.    The interface will have IPv6 address 10:10::1/64 only.
B.    The interface will have IPv6 address 20:20::1/64 only.
C.    The interface will have IPv6 address 10:10::1/64 and IPv6 address 20:20::1/64.
D.    The commit will fail.

Answer: C

In Cisco IOS XR platforms, IP multicast packets are replicated on which two components? (Choose two.)

A.    switch fabric
B.    ingress line card
C.    egress line card
D.    multicast forwarding ASIC

Answer: AC

Which Cisco IOS XR command is the most useful for checking if traffic is being sent for a specific multicast group?

A.    show ip mroute traffic
B.    show mrib route
C.    show multicast stats
D.    show mfib route

Answer: D

Which configuration is required in order for chassis management (for example, power and fan statistics) to be polled using SNMP?

A.    snmp-server community <community> RO
B.    snmp-server community <community> SDROwner
C.    snmp-server community <community> SystemOwner
D.    snmp-server community <community> RW

Answer: C



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