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2018/October Braindump2go 220-902 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Folliwing are some new 220-902 Real Exam Questions:

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When starting a computer, a technician notices the computer displays a blue screen and reboots after POST. The technician completed several updates prior to encountering the blue screen. Which of the following tools would the technician use to resolve this issue?

A. Disk Management
B. Secure Boot
C. System Restore
D. msconfig
E. fixboot

Answer: C

The office of admissions at a university has requested that all staff desktops be replaced with laptops. The staff members frequently go off-site for recruitment purposes and handle sensitive information. The technician is concerned about data leaks if a laptop is stolen. Which of the following is the BEST practice to use in this scenario?

A. Cable locks
B. Biometric security
C. Data encryption
D. Login time restriction
E. LoJack

Answer: C

In Windows 8.1, \\E$ is an example of which of the following types of share?

B. Administrative
C. Local

Answer: B

A home server rack is being installed in the computer room and is outfitted with a power distribution block.
Which of the following safety precautions is required?

A. Cable management
B. Electrostatic discharge mat
C. Equipment grounding
D. Uninterruptible power supply

Answer: C

As part of a BYOD program, the organization requires BYOD users to register devices prior to using them on the organization’s network. The registration process logs a unique identifier assigned to every mobile phone produced. Which of the following must be collected during the registration process?


Answer: A

When working on a system, Joe, a technician, needs to prevent computer component failure by following a few simple rules. Joe is handling internal components but is not using an ESD strap. After opening the computer, which of the following should Joe do NEXT?

A. Remove dust from the system
B. Ground himself to the chassis
C. Unplug the power cable
D. Use an antistatic bag

Answer: B

A user has reported that when a document is being edited a pop-up appears and locks the workstation. The pop-up states that federal authorities have detected illegal copyrighted material on the workstation. The technician removes the malware and creates a restore point. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT before closing the report?

A. Contact the local computer emergency response team
B. Quarantine the workstation for possible infections
C. Train the user on safe Internet browsing
D. Restore to an earlier state and disable System Restore

Answer: C

A technician is configuring settings on a Windows PC and wants to temporarily disable the UAC prompt. Which of the following Control Panel options would allow the technician to accomplish this task?

A. Windows Firewall
B. User Accounts
C. Administrative Tools
D. Parental Controls

Answer: B

A technician has a single computer that continually shuts down every evening for no apparent reason and must be turned on each day. The technician has verified hibernate and sleep settings do not exist on the computer and the computer power is not the problem. Which of the following would the technician use to troubleshoot the root cause of the random shut downs? (Choose two.)

A. System Restore
B. Event Viewer
C. Safe mode
D. System file checker
E. Logs
F. MSConfig

Answer: BE

A technician wants to secure a company’s laptops by preventing the USB flash drive from being used. Which of the following would be the BEST and FASTEST way for the technician to accomplish this goal?

A. Use intrusion prevention systems
B. Disable physical ports
C. Uninstall USB drivers
D. Install HIDS

Answer: B

A technician for a large accounting firm is in the process of delivering all assets for retired equipment to a third-party vendor. The equipment contains printers, laptops, desktops, and hard drives. Which of the following should the technician receive from the third-party vendor for audit and compliance purposes?

A. Sensitive and proprietary data
B. Certificate of destruction
C. Equipment security logs
D. Incident reports

Answer: B


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