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2017 Jan New Cisco 300-210 PDF and VCE Dumps 80q 300-210 Exam Questions RELEASED Today!

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In a Cisco FirePOWER instrusion policy, which two event actions can be configured on a rule? (Choose two.)

A.    drop packet
B.    drop and generate
C.    drop connection
D.    capture trigger packet
E.    generate events

Answer: CD

Which object can be used on a Cisco FirePOWER appliance, but not in an access control policy rule on Cisco FirePOWER services running on a Cisco ASA?

A.    URL
B.    security intelligence
C.    VLAN
D.    geolocation

Answer: C

Which two appliances support logical routed interfaces? (Choose two.)

A.    FirePOWER services for ASA-5500-X
B.    FP-4100-series
C.    FP-8000-series
D.    FP-7000-series
E.    FP-9300-series

Answer: AE

A system administrator wants to know if the email traffic from a remote partner will active special treatment message filters that are created just for them . Which tool on the Cisco Email Security gateway can you use to debug and emulate the flow that a message takes through the work queue?

A.    the trace tool
B.    centralized or local message tracking
C.    the CLI find event command
D.    the CLI grep command
E.    the message tracker interface

Answer: A

In which two places can thresholding settings be configured? (Choose two.)

A.    globally, per intrusion policy
B.    globally, within the network analysis policy
C.    on each access control rule
D.    on each IPS rule
E.    per preprocessor, within the network analysis policy

Answer: BD

Which cloud-based malware detection engine uses machine-learning detection techniques in the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection cloud?

A.    third-party detections
B.    Spero
C.    Ethos
D.    Memcache

Answer: B

Which Cisco FirePOWER setting is used to reduce thenumber of events received in a period of time and avoid being overwhelmed?

A.    thresholding
B.    rate-limiting
C.    limiting
D.    correlation

Answer: D


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