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Click the Exhibit button. Given the configuration shown in the exhibit, what will be the threshold for storm control?

A.    100 Kbps (kilobits per second)
B.    100 Mbps (megabits per second)
C.    100% (percent of link bandwidth)
D.    100 pps (packets per second)

Answer: A
This example shows how to configure the storm control level on interface ge-0/0/0 by setting the level to a traffic rate of 15,000 Kbps, based on the traffic rate of the combined applicable traffic streams. To configure storm control: Specify the traffic rate in Kbps of the combined traffic streams on a specific interface:
[edit ethernet-switching-options]
user@switch# set storm-control interface ge-0/0/0 bandwidth 15000
https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos12.3/topics/example/rate-limiting-storm-control-configuring .html#X7AlwRyc817gtLBC.99

Click the Exhibit button. You are notified that clients connected to your EX Series switch are not receiving IP addresses from the DHCP server.
You examine the switch configuration and notice that DHCP snooping has been enabled.
In this scenario, what would cause the problem?

A.    The location information is not being inserted into the DHCP option 82 requests.
B.    The dynamic ARP inspection feature needs to be enabled on the ge-0/0/0 interface.
C.    The DHCP relay setting in the forwarding-options hierarchy has not been configured.
D.    The DHCP server’s ge-0/0/0 interface has not been configured as a trusted interface.

Answer: B
You can configure DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection (DAI), MAC limiting, persistent MAC learning, and MAC move limiting on the access ports of EX Series switches to protect the switches and the Ethernet LAN against address spoofing and Layer 2 denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
You can also configure a trusted DHCP server and specific (allowed) MAC addresses for the switch interfaces. Step-by-Step Procedure Configure basic port security on the switch: Etc.

Which two statements are true about STP port states? (Choose two.)

A.    In the listening state, the port forwards all data packets.
B.    A port that has been administratively disabled under the STP protocol drops all BPDUs.
C.    In the learning state, the port drops all data packets.
D.    A port that has been administratively disabled under the STP protocol floods all BPDUs.

Answer: BC
B: A port in the disabled state is manually isolated from the network. A port in the disabled state does not participate in frame forwarding or the operation of STP because a port in the disabled state is considered non-operational.
C: The learning state is a 15-second interval during which the bridge does not pass user data frames while the bridge is building its bridging table. As the bridge receives frames, it places the source MAC address and port of each frame into the bridging table. The learning state reduces the amount of flooding required when data forwarding begins.

Click the Exhibit button. A number of reports from end-users indicate that internal and external communications are intermittent and not reliable.
You verified the status of the switch ports and have determined that they are up and operational.
You also noticed a very high level of link bandwidth utilization on those same ports.
The current topology of the affected environment is shown in the exhibit.
What would be the cause of the reported issues?

A.    A lack of port-based ACLs filtering the traffic flows.
B.    A lack of a loop-prevention mechanism or protocol.
C.    A malformed route-based ACL improperly filtering traffic flows.
D.    A misconfigured interior gateway protocol (IGP).

Answer: B
Enabling Spanning-Tree Protocol will mitigate loops, so if possible, enable Spanning-Tree Protocol on the devices in the network segment where the loop is observed.

Click the Exhibit button. The exhibit shows that Host-1 and Host-2 are attached to the switch and associated with IRB irb.1.
However, traffic sent from Host-1 to Host-2 is not blocked as expected.
Why is this problem occurring?

A.    Inter-VLAN traffic cannot be blocked by a router-based filter.
B.    The block-host filter is applied in the wrong direction on theirb.1interface.
C.    The Block-Host-2 term does not contain the MAC address of Host-2.
D.    Intra-VLAN traffic cannot be blocked by a router-based filter.

Answer: B
The block-host filter blocks traffic with source address of, which is traffic sent from Host-2. It should block traffic from Host-1, with the source address of

You are adding a new EX4300 member switch to your existing EX4300 Virtual Chassis.
However, the new member is not running the same Junos version as the other members.
By default, what is the expected behavior?

A.    The new switch will be assigned a member ID and then placed in an inactive state.
B.    The Virtual Chassis will transition into a split brain situation between the existing master Routing Engine and the switch running the different version.
C.    The new switch will automatically pull the correct version from the master Routing Engine and perform the necessary upgrade.
D.    The new switch is not recognized by the Virtual Chassis.

Answer: C
You can use the automatic software update feature to automatically update the Juniper Networks Junos operating system (Junos OS) version on prospective member switches as you add them to an EX Series or QFX Series Virtual Chassis. When you have configured automatic software update on a Virtual Chassis, the Junos OS version is updated on the new member switch when you add it to the Virtual Chassis. The new member switch immediately joins the Virtual Chassis configuration and is put in the active state.

Which two statements are correct regarding the root bridge election process when using STP? (Choose two.)

A.    A higher system MAC address is preferred.
B.    A higher bridge priority is preferred.
C.    A lower system MAC address is preferred.
D.    A lower bridge priority is preferred.

Answer: CD
The root bridge for each spanning-tree protocol (STP) instance is determined by the bridge ID. The bridge ID consists of a configurable bridge priority and the MAC address of the bridge.
The bridge with the lowest bridge ID is elected as the root bridge. If the bridge priorities are equal or if the bridge priority is not configured, the bridge with the lowest MAC address is elected the root bridge.

What would be used to combine multiple switches into a single management platform?

A.    redundant trunk groups
B.    Virtual Chassis
C.    graceful Routing Engine switchover
D.    Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Answer: B
Many Juniper Networks EX Series switches support the Virtual Chassis flexible, scaling switch solution.
You can connect individual switches together to form one unit and manage the unit as a single chassis.

Which protocol supports tunneling of non-IP traffic?

A.    GRE
B.    SSH
C.    IPsec
D.    IP-IP

Answer: A
The GRE protocol (Generic Routing Encapsulation) which is a tunneling protocol that can encapsulate a variety of network layer packet types into a GRE tunnel. GRE therefore can encapsulate multicast traffic, routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP etc) packets, and other non-IP traffic inside a point-to-point tunnel.

Which three link-specific fields must match between OSPF neighbors before they form an adjacency over a broadcast medium? (Choose three.)

A.    dead interval
B.    options
C.    hello interval
D.    neighbor
E.    router priority

Answer: ACD
AC: If OSPF HELLO or Dead timer interval values are mismatched, then adjacency cannot be achieved.
D: In a successful formation of OSPF adjacency, OSPF neighbors will attain the FULL neighbor state.


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