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Latest Braindump2go Riverbed 599-01 Exam Dumps In VCE Format(1-13)

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What information is needed to configure a Granite Edge in the Granite Core?

A.    Granite Edge Identifier.
B.    IP address of the Granite Edge.
C.    Primary IP address of the Granite Edge.
D.    Granite Edge IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name).
E.    In-path IP address of Granite Edge.

Answer: A

The Riverbed hardware snapshot provider enables what?

A.    Multipath I/O
B.    Application-consistent snapshots
C.    Crash-consistent snapshots
D.    Storage array snapshots

Answer: B

What are three available disk management modes for the Granite Edge? (Select 3)

A.    Granite storage mode.
B.    Granite standalone mode.
C.    VSP standalone storage mode.
D.    VSP and local LUN mode.
E.    VSP and Granite storage mode.

Answer: ACE

The delay between taking a snapshot at the edge and flushing the snapshot to the storage array is called what?

A.    Snapshot Target
B.    Snapshot Lag
C.    Snapshot Window
D.    Snapshot Integration

Answer: B

What are two optional Windows server plugins utilities for branch offices using Granite appliance?

A.    DFS and VSS.
B.    VSS and Turbo Boot.
C.    IPCFG and Diskshadow.
D.    RHSP and Turbo Boot.
E.    iSCSI Initiator and iSCSI target.

Answer: D

Which port is used for management information between the Granite Edge and Granite Core?

A.    7770
B.    7970
C.    7950
D.    7750
E.    7951

Answer: B

Which of the following storage array features does Granite appliance allow customers to take advantage of in their branch offices? (Select 2)

A.    Deduplication
B.    Extends data center thin provisioning
C.    Backup and restore

Answer: AB

Which block store encryption options are supported on a Granite Edge? (Select 2)

A.    DES
B.    SSLv3
C.    AES 64
D.    AES 192
E.    AES 256

Answer: DE

Granite appliance simplifies backup and restore by migrating these functions to:

A.    The data center
B.    Tape drives
C.    The cloud
D.    The branch office

Answer: A

The term for "fixing" a LUN’s blocks in blockstore so that they may not be ejected via LRU is:

A.    Pinning
B.    Prepop
C.    Snapshot
D.    Online

Answer: A

Customer Acme corporation has 30 remote offices and needs to make 20 TBytes of storage available to those offices. What would be the appropriate Granite Core appliance for sizing?

A.    VGC1000 L
B.    VGC1000 H
C.    GC2000 L
D.    GC2000 M
E.    GC2000 H

Answer: E

Which Granite appliance feature would be used to implement disconnected operations? (Select 2)

A.    Pinning
B.    Offlining
C.    High availability
D.    MPIO
E.    Prepopulation

Answer: AE

What are the default ports used between the Granite Edge and Granite Core on a Steelhead EX platform?

A.    7150-7154, 7170
B.    7950-7954, 7970
C.    Granite uses the same default ports as the Steelhead WAN Optimization
D.    7750-7754, 7770
E.    7050-7050, 7070

Answer: B

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